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Dongguan emperor ren precision machinery co., LTD., set production, research and development, sales of integrated enterprise, the company and several foreign high-end enterprise cooperation development applications, foreign cooperative enterprises in Germany, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan high-quality transmission parts, integrated foreign high-end products, to provide customers with technical selection and quality products

Products: planetary gear reducer, rectangular planetary reducer, planetary reducer, hollow hollow rotating platform, bilateral output shaft reducer, RV reducer, gear motor, harmonic, precision rack, dc motor, high pressure blower, AC pony transmission as a body specialized company.

The company long-term commitment to automation transmission products and services of the overall solution, the company has many years of production experience, has been in the service of form a complete set of automation industry in the high-end market.

Dongguan emperor ren precision machinery co., LTD., has the abundant scientific research strength and a mechanical, electrical and mechanical, scientific research team composed of senior engineer, talent structure is reasonable, has good hardware environment. Widely used in: aerospace, ships, deep sea exploration, communication equipment, cutting, welding equipment, textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, mechanical arm, robotics, medical equipment, numerical control machine, glass equipment, precision instrument, measuring equipment, manufacturing machinery, environmental protection equipment, cement equipment, coal equipment, beer, beverage, mining machinery, rubber plastic light and heavy industry, petrochemical industry, lifting transportation field of mechanical transmission and precision control.

The company always adhere to the "quality is life, science and technology is power" enterprise idea, firmly establish a "customer is god, service for development" the management policy.

The advanced technology and reliable quality, to ensure that the branch friends automation technology co., LTD. Has become a brand of choice for the masses of users at home and abroad.

The company has always been adhering to the, the tenet of quality first, the prestige for this, warmly welcome the from all walks of life work together to seek common development.

MF - H precision reducer
品牌: Taiwan sheng VGM reducer
系列: MF - H precision reducer
品牌: 台湾聚盛VGM减速机
系列: MF-X系列
品牌: 台湾聚盛VGM减速机
系列: MF-S系列
品牌: 台湾聚盛VGM减速机
系列: PG/PG-F系列
品牌: 台湾聚盛VGM减速机
系列: MFL系列
品牌: 台湾聚盛VGM减速机
系列: MFT系列
品牌: 日本东方
系列: DGII
品牌: 凯贺KH
系列: HGR
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
系列: SP+MF/MC/MC-L型
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
系列: RP+
品牌: 台湾TROY驱动器
系列: 二相驱动器
品牌: 柯泰KOTEC
系列: KVXS系列
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品牌: Taiwan sheng VGM reducer
品牌: 台湾聚盛VGM减速机
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
品牌: 台湾村田RV减速机
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
品牌: 德国NEUGART减速机
品牌: 德国NEUGART减速机
品牌: 台湾村田RV减速机
品牌: 台湾村田RV减速机
品牌: 台湾村田RV减速机
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
品牌: 德国alpha阿尔法减速机
品牌: 德国NEUGART减速机
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